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New retail box. version. This software identifies and shields you from risky websites. For Windows XP, Vista or bit with SP. Requires Internet Explorer . or later and/or Mozilla Firefox . or later.

The Complete Multimedia Bible Comptons New Media

Humorous parody of the manucturer of the most popular operating systems in the world. Sidesplitting spoofs will cheer you up after a hard day of work.

upon request. Please contact us if you are looking for anything which is not listed or if you desire quantity pricing. Due to shipping and handling costs it is unlikely that we can save you much money by special ordering items under value unless ordered in multiple quantities or in conjunction with other items. Special ordering requires a downpayment which is nonrefundable unless the ordered items are unavailable, defective, or not as ordered. Free Shipping does not apply to special ordered items unless previously agreed to. For Special Ordering procedures and policies please read theSpecial Ordering section of our Company Policyprior to Special Ordering anything.

Chessmaster Turbo appears to be incompatible with Windows XP but works fine with Windows ., and . We havent tested it on Windows ME. This . version of Mavis Beacon Typing might be a good choice for Windows . users.

Rand McNally Software and Printed Map Value Bundle

New retail box with drivers. Has Conexant chip set. V./KFlex Dual mode. Data/Fax/Voice software included!

The Bootstrap A , classic book library on CD

Over new levels for Doom II and levels for Doom. Map editors, graphics, sound patches, utilities, etc. Requires registered version of Doom and/or Doom II. New unopened CD in jewel case

Office Professional Uninterruptible Power Supply IBM

shareware CDs for old computers filled with dozens of old shareware programs from the early s. Many educational and application programs and games are included in a random assortment. Includes many programs for DOS and Windows .. These are still shrinkwrapped in their original unopened jewel cases!

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing ., Chessmaster Turbo, U.S. Atlas version . World Atlas version . . See above note regarding Chessmaster compatibility with XP. This . version of Mavis Beacon Typing works good on Windows , and ME. It also seems to work fine on Windows XP except it works in a slightly reduced window which can be increased by reducing the resolution setting in the control panel.

From the makers of Iliad the medical expert diagnostic program used by medical schools and physicians this vintage medical diagnostic software, record keeping and reference CD is the best and most comprehensive medical diagnostic tool which we had seen when it first came out. In depth information, diagnostics, , record keeping, procedures, drugs, treatment recommendations, etc. Easily enter your symptoms to obtain information about possible diseases or ailments which fit your profile. These NEW retail packages are on CD disks will run with Windows . or higher we recently tested it successfully on Windows XP also and on Macintosh LCII or higher. We have not tested this on Mac OSX or newer. Excellent! Only a limited quantity of these Medical House Call packages are available at this incredible price!

Special Ordering and Quantity Pricing Available!

Incredible QX computer Microscope Digital Blue

Explore the mysteries of Physics, Science, Life, Energy, Space and the Earth with the brilliant Stephen Hawkings tremendous insights! Includes explorations, animations, timelines and science games! Works on Windows ., and Macintosh! New retail box.

New retail package. Dos version. Has LDS works including the LDS Standard Works, Joseph Smith Translation of the King James Bible, Documentary History of the Church, books by LatterDay prophets, Editions of Church Periodicals Times and Seasons, Messenger, Historical Writings and Biographies from Pioneer Saints, Conference addresses from to , Journal of Discourses, Books from the LDS Reference Library and much more!

MediaClips Animal Kingdom Comptons NewMedia

Former bestseller for learning Windows . and .. Includes entire Windows . for Dummies book on CD as an added bonus! Published by Inidual Software Inc. Full retail box.

LDS Clips for Mac and Windows. Over s of beautiful LDS clipart by Inspire Graphics on CD rom. Includes all of the LDS Clips Volume and lds clips volume see below plus additional s! Also includes free World Temples mouse pad! Includes EPS vector, PICT vector/bitmap and TIFF bitmap s for Mac. Also includes .wmf vector, .cgm vector, .wpg vector, and .bmp bitmap s for Windows. Images will print in or gray! Works on Mac versions of WordPerfect, Word, Printshop Deluxe, MS Works, Claris Draw, MacPaint, MacDraw, PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker and Quark Express. New full retail box.

Start, Run and Market your business with this in depth package. Understand business taxes, create a business plan, market effectively, over business and legal forms. CD in new retail box for Windows , ME, and XP.

Storybook CD Bundle from Discis less than . ea!

Games, video clips and complete stories about the Wizard of Oz. Wizard of Oz computer game CD. Includes Macintosh and Windows versions. One Hundred Years of OZ.

Burn and label DVDs, music CDs, backups, digital photos, games and more! CD in new retail box. Requires CD burner and/or DVD burner and Windows , ME, or XP.

Have multiple operating systems on the same computer! Supports Windows ., , , NT, Dos, Unix, Linux and more! . software in new retail box.

Fun interactive storybook cds. Requires Windows . and s. This set includes the following titles Cinderella, The Night Before Christmas, A Long Hard Day on the Ranch, Thomas Snowsuit, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Mud Puddle, The Paper Bag Princess, The Cask of Amontillado, The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, Scary Poems for Rotten Kids, The Necklace, Moving Gives Me a Stomach Ache, The TellTale Heart, Aesops Fables and Heather Hits Her First Home Run. Helps develop reading skills. For children AND grownups!

Carmen Sandiegos Great Chase Through Time The Learning Company

Incredible collection of , clipart s and , royaltyfree photos. Also includes s and Web Theme sets. CD format in new retail box for Windows Windows .x.

Has new CDs in original attractive package. Includes Mighty Math Number Heroes Edmark, The Encyclopedia of U.S. Endangered Species and Kid Riff. For Windows . or higher. Number Heroes and Endangered Species will also work on Macintosh.

Call or email before ordering to verify availability.

Note Many of the programs listed on this web may not work on newer versions of Windows.

Budget priced Vortex chipset PCI sound card with drivers. New. Has integrated SRS D sound technology. Sound blaster, Sound Blaster Pro and Windows Sound System compatible. MP compliant input and output mixer. Enhanced full duplex stereo. Supports AC, Dolby Surround and Stereo. MPU MIDI Intece/gameport.

Upgrade from Windows .x or OS/ version or later to Windows . Includes Internet Explorer . also! Recommended hardware needed or better processor, mb ram, CD drive, VGA monitor, mb or more available hard drive space. New retail box!

Monarch Notes Software Studio/Bureau of Electronic Publishing

new assorted game CD titles in jewel case or sleeve only. May include slightly older titles May include DOS or Windows games. May also include some shareware CDs. Some missing manuals. No returns or exchanges unless defective.

New retail box. Tremendous learning fun. Spy travel adventure brings geography to life! For kids ages up. Catch Carmen and her traveling tricksters. Be an agent of ACME Detective Agency! Great fun! Deluxe Edition includes Internet support, foreign language training and video and map library more! Contains Windows , . and Mac versions. New retail box. Exterior of package may be slightly imperfect.

games, audio CD, VCD, DVD movie discs, CDR / CDRW and DVDR discs and other optical discs. This durable disc cleaner can repair minor scratches, remove fingerprints, clean dust and stain, form a protective layer on the disc, etc.. It comes with a Cleaning Kit with cleaning solution, brush, and cleaning units and a Repair Kit with repair solution, brush, and repair units. Translucnet Green. second autostop cleaning time. Low noise motor. LED Access indicator, Wet cleaning head, Dry cleaning head, V DC Jack, Start button, Open button. Userfriendly Handsfree operation during cleaning/repair process. Uses x AAA batteries or AC adapter NOT INCLUDED.

Medical HouseCall by Applied Medical Informatics

Oregon Trail for Dos! Classic edition of one of the best selling DOS CD programs ever made! Survive pioneer life in . Teaches reading comprehension, problem solving, history, geography and survival skills! For ages Adult.

Incredible Music Star software with small MIDI keyboard and cables in new retail package! Works on older Windows systems also! Interactive software teaches piano lessons and allows you to jam and record! Also includes music school for learning music theory and about great composers and musical instruments! Software has many incredible features and allows you to produce the sounds of many different instruments!

Amazing and fun way to learn. QX Microscope plus into USB port and allows you to view s on your computer screen. Awesome software allows you to make fun projects from the microscopic s. Designed for ages to adult. We are out of the newer versionQXmicroscopes but these are basically the same thing at a great price. Designed for Windows XP. We assume these will work on Windows Vista but we are not sure. New retail box. Only one of these remaining! This last remaining one is new but the lower corner of the box got squished in a bit. The contents are fine but the box looks a little imperfect.

Scholastics Magic School Bus Rainforest CD Microsoft

The Multimedia Guide to Understanding the Literary Classics. Monarch notes reference CD disk in original new packaging for Windows. Documentation included.

CyberSound Studio Midi Keyboard Incredible Software

floppy drive cable. Has twist for A drive. A drive conenctors for . or . drives. Also has an additional connector for an optional B drive having . connector. Connects to most newer boards and to older multiI.O. cards.

Heavily Discounted Educational software and games

Stephen Hawking Life in the Universe Metatools

Somehow we ended up with an extra users guide for the LDS Collectors Library . If you need just the manual here it is!

Lennys MusicToons, BusyTown and Mega Rock Rapn Roll Paramount Interactive

Lets Explore the Airport with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug Humongous Entertainment Random House

Wow! Heres a package for you! Get the Rand McNally StreetFinder Deluxe software bundled with folded state maps covering every state! These are the same quality state roadmaps which you would buy at gas stations at a price of over each! New retail box!

Note This is a vintage collection. We are not sure if there is still online support of this collection. We are not sure to what degree if any these games can be utilized without online support. Please keep this in mind when ordering. We suggest that you investigate the viability of online support before ordering.

Incredible older shareware collection on CD. Hundreds of games, educational programs, applications, etc. The vast majority of these programs are for DOS but there is a significant number of older Windows programs also included.

The Princeton Reviews BestSelling SAT ACT software. Many skill levels, powerful vocabulary and glossary help, great for SAT and GRE preparation. Tests and quizzes to improve your scores! Also includes a great amount of information about various Colleges and financial information.

The Ultimate E Library on CD disks or computer DVD. An extensive collection of the greatest literary, historical and educational classics.Click here for more information. Please specify CD or computer DVD version.

Professional and personalized interactive instruction CD. Features include Practice mode, Demo Mode where a virtual instructor demonstrates how to use various features and concepts about Windows , Progress tracking, Glossary and crossreferencing of concepts.

What is a Bellybutton? TimeLife IVI Publishing

Playable demo CD with demo versions of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and several other demos including Reader Rabbit, Oregon Trail th edition, Clue Finders and more! For Windows .

slightly older CD version for newer computers

These mice have a pin D shaped connector and require a computer with a connector having two rows of pins with pins in one row and in the other row. Comes with . Windows . and Dos driver disk.

Click here to see a big list of heavily discounted learning programs and childrens software

New retail box. Tremendous learning fun. TimeTravel Adventures bring history to life! Capture Carmen Sandiego and her crooked cronies! For kids ages . different historic adventures help expand your knowledge of U.S. and World History, historic events, personalities and achievements, ancient civilizations and cultures and scientific advances. Develop skills in deductive reasoning, research skills, comprehension and historical analysis! Contains Windows .,, and Mac versions.

of the best classic Atari games with all the action, sights and sounds you remember! Includes Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Centipede, Crystal Castles, Gravitar, Millipede, Missile Command, Pong, Super Breakout, Tempest and Warlords! Each Atari title is ithfully reproducted to the last detail to run on Microsoft Windows or higher. Also includes video interviews with original game designers, original press releases and a desktop theme collection mouse pointers, system icons, s, screen savers and wall. New CD in sleeve.

Hard Drive Bible th Edition Corporate Systems Center

Incredible simulation of the classic EtchASketch toy. Includes a real miniature Etch A Sketch machine at no extra charge! Works on Windows . or higher. Full retail box with CD disk.

Digital JamCam, Jr. camera for kids. New retail package. For ages . Includes Disneys Print Studio Winnie the Pooh Software. Requires Windows or higher, an open pin serial port and a PS/ keyboard or PS/ adapter.

Scholastics Magic School Bus Animals CD Microsoft

Tremendous collection of some of the best educational and arcade programs and utilities in special demo versions. Printmaster, Algebra Wizard, DrawAStory, Sega Arcade game, etc.

Royalty free Animal CDROM s, sounds and movies for business presentations, education and fun. wildlife photographic s TIFF, BMP, videos of animals in action, .wav audio clips of animal sounds. Windows/Mac CD version. New retail box.

Over shareware and public domain programs for health, exercise training, herbs, diet, biorhythms, nutrition, weight loss, recipies, skiing, bicycling, baby tracker, etc.

Learn over magic tricks and sleights using coins, cards and other props. Hosted by Peter Grand, master magician. QuickTime movies demonstrate important techniques onscreen. Helpful instructions, interesting insights and password protection to keep your secrets safe! CD for Windows and Macintosh in new retail box.

For Credit Analytic Geometry. Ideal for all students who want to earn high school credit. Selfpaced tutorials in essential topic areas which meet eslished curriculum standards! Over practice problems with stepbystep solutions. Achievement tests with onscreen feedback! CD in new retail box for Windows ., or higher.

Microsoft Plus companion for Windows on CD. Also includes Microsoft Golf Lite! Requires Windows . Adds enhancements to Win for work and play including powerful system utilities, new themes, cool games, deluxe CD player, Picture It! Express, Lose your Marbles Sega game, Spider Solitaire, and a version of McAfee VirusScan! New.

CD set. Retail box. Fascinating interactive tour of medical history in great detail. New. Made by Flagtower. Designed for Windows . and Windows .

Over new levels for Doom. Map editors, graphics, sound patches, utilities, etc. Requires registered version of Doom. New unopened CD in jewel case.

Great bowling simulation for Windows . or . Fullmotion digitized players and sound effects. Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels! Inidual, practice, team or league competition. Complete control of male or female player right or left handed! Many other options. CD disk in new retail box.

new and/or used assorted CD titles in jewel case or sleeve only. May include games, educational, utilities, applications, etc. May include DOS and Windows CDs. Some missing manuals. No returns or exchanges unless defective.

For Windows and Windows .. New retail package opened for inspection only with CD disk. Includes special for inkjet printers for creating Banners, IronOn Transfers, Greeting Cards, Decals, Signs, Post Cards and Business Cards! version of PrintShop Ensemble III CD is included!

Reveal MusicStar Piano learning system software

If you have a Reveal MusicStar keyboard and cables but dont have the software we can help you.

Scholastics The Magic School Bus Explores the World of Animals. Recommended for ages . Very popular educational game for children! Requires Windows or higher with mb ram. Needs SX/ or higher processor. Pentium recommended. New retail box from Microsoft.

Beautiful new retail box version on CD. Has every article from the World Book Encyclopedia! School curriculumbased content. Includes pictures, videos, maps, sound clips and much more.

Hawking Technology k PCI modem for Windows and

many other older and newer software titles and may be able to save you significant time and money. We can also offer

This great cleaning kit is a in professional automatic porle Repairer and Cleaner device for ,

Attractive Juster Air Wave stereo speakers system for computers or other application. Model AW. channel stereo amplifier. Watts P.M.P.O.. Full range response. Volume, D and Power controls!

In addition to the huge selection of older and newer IBM and Windows compatible software and games on this list we can also

JamCam Jr. Digital Camera for Kids Little Tikes

Use your photos to create professionalquality business materials. Create flyers, brochures, business cards, letterhead and labels. Windows CD in new retail box. Includes Kodak inkjet photo !

Multimedia tutorial shows how to upgrade PCs for Windows . Also has utility for testing for Yk readiness. Tremendous information about how to install and use DVD drives, USB devices, multiple monitors, modems, TV tuner cards, etc.

Corel WordPerfect Suite Retail version for Windows .

New package. Slightly older version of the popular antivirus software. For Windows XP, , ME and SE. Requires MB ram, mhz processor or better, mb hard drive space. Windows SE not supported any more.

Used LDS Collectors Edition for Windows. version. Slightly scratched CD in jewel case. No documentation included.

new educational CD titles with jewel cases or sleeves only. For various ages usually for ages or under. May include DOS and Windows CDs. No returns or exchanges unless defective.

Contains printed state maps covering the entire United States. Also contains Rand McNally StreetFinder Deluxe version. Incredible value. retail value!

Includes Comprehensive detailed information about old hard drive specifications, jumpers, controller cards, parameters, settings and manucturers. This version is about a or version. New in retail box. Also includes CDrom edition of the Hard Drive Bible and a video tape entitled Inside Disk Drives. New.

Charlton Heston Bible Voyage of the New Testament

Incredible Power DVD for Windows and ME. Allows you to play DVD movies on your computer if you have a DVD drive and adequate system requirements. Includes many amazing features capturing, subtitles, viewing options, etc. which supercede the capabilities of standard DVD players. Requires Pentium II or above or Celeron with equivalent capabilities, mb ram or more, Windows ///ME or NT Sp, and a DVD drive. New CD in sleeve with installation code.

A digital camera for kids ages and above! Includes pin serial port cable. Requires Windows or above. Includes Disneys Print Studio, Pooh software. New retail box.

Sams Teach Yourself Windows in Hours Macmillan

New CDs in unopened jewel cases. Dos based games. Titles include Stellar , Caesar, When Two Worlds War, Afterlife, Search for Cetus, Inca and Air Bucks version .. Please specify which game you want! Note We may be out of Afterlife. Please email or call before ordering Afterlife to verify availability.

If you are tired of paying high prices for hard to find serial mouse you should buy this special adapter which lets you use the newer usually less expensive mice having the small round connector on your old computer which has a pin D shaped serial port connector. New.

Attractive Juster stereo speakers system for computers or other application. Model ATB. Sells online for to elsewhere. channel stereo amplifier. Watts P.M.P.O.. Full range response. Treble, Bass, Volume and Power controls!

Begin creating pictures in minutes with stepbystep art lessons! New CD in jewel case for Windows or .. Has game features, tutorials, ing book mode and much more! For ages and above.

Space Knowledge Adventure. Unopened OEM CD with documentation. Works in Windows and Dos. In depth look at the universe and manned space flight. Includes photos, videos, sound, timelines and a searchable library of space information! See bottom ofOEMsection for price.

New Stock Market analysis software. Helps you make better trades. CD software and documentation in new retail box. For Windows , ME, NT , and XP.

LDS Collectors Edition for Windows Infobases

Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund

Extend the length of your AT PC keyboard by feet! Will not work with PS/ keyboards having the smaller DIN connector without a special adapter. Also works as a monitor extension cable for old Commodore computers which use a pin Commodore video cable!

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies Premier Edition

Requires full version of Duke Nukem D. The only expansion pak by the makers of Duke Nukem D. Full new retail box. CD. Package may be slightly squished.

New retail box version for Windows and . on CD. Narrated by James Earl Jones. Includes complete King James Version of the Bible along with narrations, video segments, photos, crossreferencing, topic tree, maps, search feature, more!

Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego? Broderbund

Scholastics The Magic School Bus Explores the Ocean. Recommended for ages . Very popular educational game for children! Requires Windows or higher with mb ram. Needs SX/ or higher processor. Pentium recommended. New retail box from Microsoft.

Corel WordPerfect Suite for Windows . on CD rom. In new unopened jewel case. Includes WordPerfect , Quattro Pro , Corel Presentations , CorelFLOW , Sidekick , Netscape Navigator ., Dashboard , Envoy , Fonts and , clipart s! Incredible value!

Infobase sampler edition for Windows . and Mac on CD rom. Has entire Bible, Book of Mormon, DC, U.S. Constitution, Federalist Papers, Quotes, many other L.D.S. works and much more. New, but may have been opened for inspection.

Microsoft and Corel WordPerfect OEM Products available to system vendors only or to iniduals purchasing qualifying hardware

Unabridged Dictionary Collection Random House

Compact MIDI music keyboard with cables and incredible software transforms your Pentium or higher Windows computer into a complete music studio. Requires soundcard.

Has Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Family Lawyer. Cover indicates that it also has TurboTax enclosed but it may be only a trial or online version of TurboTax probably . New CDs in flat folder.

Scholastics Magic School Bus Ocean CD Microsoft

Easily and affordably create and deliver Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat reader compatible documents to anyone in a professional and tamperproof manner. CD in new retail box for Windows XP and .

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Deluxe Edition Broderbund

Improve your english instantly using the Euro Method! CD set in new retail box for Windows , , NT also works on Macintosh computers. Interactive speech and litening! Learn to speak english stepby step. Also includes in English Dictionary!

Early learning fun for Ages and up. Educational CD packages include Science Recycling with Gus Ages , Science Dino SpotNMatch, Math Spartagus Ages up, Problem Solving Raves Picture Puzzles Ages up, and Reading Guss Secret Cybergliphics Ages . These are Award Winning Learning Adventures! Each package also includes bonus SingALong Songs!

. and . Retail Floppy Disk software for IBM, Windows and DOS

Higher Score Guaranteed on the SAT, PSAT ACT Kaplan

Click Here to View a Large List of Slightly Old Public Domain Shareware on . and / disks for the IBM Compatibles

Several fun educational games in one! Excellent childs learning program for exploring many zoo animals. For Windows . or Windows or Macintosh.

version. Comprehensive test preparation and simulated tests! CDs in new retail box.

Ultimate LDS Library on CDRom for Dos Portals/Covenant

watt Micro ATX power supply for HewlettPackard and Emachine computers. This power supply measures x x . and is compatible with most of the Hewlett Packard and Emachine computers in the mhz to mhz range. Please check the wattage of the power supply you are replacing to make sure it is equal to or lower than watts before ordering this one. If your HP minitower computer or Emachine wont power up this is probably the answer!

These are getting hard to find but we just found a large quantity! Upgrade the memory of your older Pentium computer at a good price. EDO ram was most common for Pentium class computers made between about late and early primarily in the mhz to mhz range. We recommend that you buy these in pairs to assure compatibility. New. Factory sealed. Made by Viking.

IBM Hardware and CD SoftwareNOTESome IBMcompatible hardware, software, and accessories may be listed under theCommodore and/orGreat Gamessections of this price list.

Proven, practical advice in a dazzling home health guide! CD. Comptons NewMedia

New VA UPS in retail box. Provides up to minutes of backup time for your computer. Allows you to safely use and shut off your computer during a power outage! Can also be used on televisions and VCRs to prevent unnecessary interruptions. Comes with software and cable to connect to pin serial port on Windows //NT computers allowing the UPS to automatically shut down your computer if you arent around when the power ils. Includes surge protection! This same UPS sold at Circuit City recently for .!

New. CD in sleeve only. Create beautiful cards, signs, posters, calendars, etc. This combo CD includes versions for Windows . and Windows on the same CD!

Note This is the upgrade version and it requires that Windows ., Windows ., Windows . or OS/ version or later be installed on your computer prior to loading. If you need this same upgrade version on . disks

Older version of above mentioned Family Doctor program. Less comprehensive but more affordable. Windows CD in sleeve.

Fun and interactive questions and answers about the human body. Windows CD rom in new retail box. Ages

StreetFinder Deluxe with Printed Maps Rand McNally

Other new retail boxed CD programs for Windows . or above Easy Wurx , Easy Wurx , Home Wurx , Shuffle n Roll, ASL Publisher and Collectors Collection.

New retail box. Tremendous learning fun. Timetravel adventure brings history to life! Includes original theme song from the hit PBS show to play on your audio CD player also! For kids ages . Catch Carmen and her timetraveling tricksters before they plunder another precious relic from the past. Be an agent of ACME Detective Agency! Great fun! Contains Windows , . and Mac versions. New retail box.

outlet surge suppressing wall mount power tap. EMI/RFI filtering reduces static. Full surge suppression. Indicator lights for surge and ground. No on/off switch. Memorex part number . New in retail box.

version. Safeguard your installed programs and critical files from harmful changes. Monitor program installation and track Internet activity. Allows you to undo any changes made to your system. Control access of other users. CD in retail box for Windows or higher. Outter box has been opened but inner CD pack has never been opened.

Same as above except Turbotax has been removed. New retail package includes Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Family Lawyer on seperate CDs.

Other CD Odyssey CDs for Windows . or above

Awesome online game collection for Windows internet users. Includes Red Baron II Multiplayer, Lords of the Realm II, Outpost , D Ultra Mini Golf, FPS Golf, Dr. Brain Puzzles, Hoyle Poker, Hoyle Blackjack, Birthright, The Realm, You Dont Know Jack, and You Dont Know Jack Sports. Requires modem and you must also have internet access.

new assorted CD titles in jewel case or sleeve only. May include games, educational, utilities, applications, etc. May include DOS and Windows CDs. Some missing manuals. No returns or exchanges unless defective.

version. Comprehensive test preparation and simulated tests! used CDs in original jewel case. Good condition.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing ., Chessmaster Turbo, U.S. Atlas version . World Atlas version . .

vintage genealogy program on CD in new unopened jewel case. Designed by a professional genealogist. Produces all major genealogical charts and allows photos.

Slightly Old Shareware Public Domain Programs on / and . Floppy Disks for IBM Compatibles Early s to mid s

Incredible Price!!! World Book Encyclopedia, Sammys Science House ages , Mighty Math Carnival Countdown ages , Strategy Challenges ages adult, Imagination Express Destination Rain Forest, Imagination Express Destination Castle. Note The World Book Encyclopedia in this bundle does not function well with CD drives ster than x for some reason. However, it works flawlessly with the slower CD drives. The rest of the CDs in this set dont have any problems. All of these titles except the World Book Encyclopedia are Edmark products.

version. Complete harddrive imaging for st backups, system recovery and upgrades. CD in retail box for Windows , .x, NT, Dos or OS/. Outter box has been opened for inspection but inner CD pack has never been opened.

Higher Score Guaranteed on the SAT, PSAT ACT Kaplan

Click here to see our big list of available . and . Retail Floppy Disk software originals for IBM, Windows and DOS. These are older titles. Most have never been opened or used!

Attractive stereo headphones with noise cancelling condenser microphone. For computer or other application. Features inline volume control. New retail package. Audioworks model BHPNCV or BHPNCU.

Fantastic CDRom educational set for High School Students. This set is vintage. Includes Mathematics, History, Chemistry, Accounting, French Spanish

Can you deal with Russia in Turmoil? This CD game for Windows will find out. Supports internet play. Includes Tom Clancys novel. Full retail box.

War Wind II for Windows on CD in full new retail box.

Incredible PCI card lets you watch Digital TV with Dolby Digital sound right on your computer screen! Also allows you to capture and save television shows! Includes remote control. Requires Windows SE, ME or XP. For a full list of system and video card requirements please go to more information.

Carmen Sandiego Junior Detective Edition Broderbund

cable with pin D male to pin D female. Can be used for RGB output from Commodore or old IBM PCs having a CGA card to connect to RGB inputs of Commodore brand and other brands of monitors having a pin D male input. Can also be used for connecting pin IBM AT serial comm port to different devices.

Please specify which of the above packages you want.

New CD in jewel case for Windows and .. Includes Appointment Scheduler, To Do List, Address Book, Phone Dialer, Alarms, Pinboard, Timer, Calculator and Message Pad.

Includes programs for Home Office use Financial Freedom Envelopes, Financial Freedom Cards and Labels, Ultra Easy Bookkeeping v.x and Staying in Touch Business Edition. CD in new retail box for Windows . or higher.

Access softwares award winning golf simulator. Has version including Bay Hill Club, Latrobe, Entrada courses with upgrade which includes Kapalua Village! New. Includes extra Congressional Country Club course CD also!

L.D.S. Scriptures Infobase collection for Windows . and Mac

Burn Go CD/DVD creation and labelling software Iomega

New. CD in unopened sleeve. Contains Mexican recipes, Fiesta ideas, games and beautiful Mexican and Spanish music that you can listen to on your computer or on a regular CD player.

Memorex outlet surge suppressor Wall Mount

New retail packaging. Requires CD drive, mb ram, VGA monitor, s, Windows . or Windows or System Macintosh or later.

New pulls. No drivers included at this price. Drivers for Windows ME available for extra. These Conextant modems work great with virtually all internet services except America Online. These modems have the number MWCI on them which we believe is the model number of the modem.

Surplus and Bargain priced Dos, Windows ., Windows , and Windows games, educational programs, word processing, business and productivity software, etc. Authentic software in original new packaging. Programs and games on CD. Ribbons, cables and other accessories and supplies for new and old PC Compatible systems.

Invent It! Hammermill Papers Featuring The Print Shop Ensemble by Broderbund

exciting DOS CD games. These games also run in the DOS mode of Windows . Includes Alien Logic, Tom Landry Strategy Football, Commander Blood, D/Generation, Ultimate Domain, Metal Marines, MegaRace, Crystal Caliburn Pinball, Jet Fighter II and Casino Master Multimedia

pin DIN male to pin DIN female AT keyboard extension cable

Computer tracking and monitoring software. The ultimate way to locate your computer and data in the event of loss or theft. For Windows and .. New.

Incredible D Interactive Games for Windows . or above. Includes Nightmare D Episode , Nightmare D Episode , Nightmare D Episode . Also includes Superher. Full registered game versions in new retail box.

CD version of the classic best seller Civilization also comes with Mantis Experimental Fighter Game. These may be Dos games. New. Documentation included.

Earlier Windows CD version of Intuits Quicken Basic for home accounting. Old Quicken software version. New in sleeve. This particular version of Quicken apparently has the unusual ability to automatically convert earlier Quicken QDF files to the newer Quicken QDI format!

New retail box. Tremendous learning fun. Spy travel adventure brings USA geography to life! For kids ages up. Catch Carmen and her traveling tricksters. Be an agent of ACME Detective Agency! Great fun! Includes electronic reference tools and internet support, foreign language training and video and map library more! Contains Windows , . and Mac versions. New retail box.

Send animated Seasons Greetings via email or on floppy disk. Vintage CD for Mac or PC Windows . or higher. New in unopened jewel case.

Likenew June Edition with classic titles on one CD. Dos version requires Dos . or higher and k ram. Has complete Bible Book of Mormon and much more! Used.

New CD in sleeve includes Lennys Music Toons, Busy Town The Busy World of Richard Scarry and Mega Rock Rapn Roll. vintage.

L.D.S. Collectors Library users manual only

Internet Advantage Photo Family Tree Lifeware

Incredibly nice Bible stories and narration performed on location in the Holy Land by the mous actor. This software has beautiful photos, video segments, music, artwork, maps and D animations which really makes for an excellent ithpromoting CD experience. Also includes the entire of the New Testament Gospels King James version. Because this CDrom was made in it works beautifully on the vast majority of all older and newer systems having Windows ., Windows , Windows or Windows XP. When using on Windows and XP the program only uses a window of about / of the screen probably due to lower resolution requirements and/or settings. Might be possible to adjust Windows screen resolution to make the program look a little nicer by filling the entire screen on or XP. Also works on Macintosh!

New KeyboardsWindows keyboard specify PS keyboard with small round connector for or Standard AT keyboard with larger round connector for . Also available Acer key black PS keyboard or

New. CD in new retail box. Version . Incredible advanced tools for digital photography. Easily edit, create, share and add special effects to your photographs! Includes thousands of s also!

Comes in sleeve only box photo for illustration purposes only

A digital sound lab that fits in the palm of your hand! Record and play back up to minutes of sound from any location using the built in microphone and speaker. Then you can download the sound into your PC or Mac computer and morph, warp, or sync the sounds with digital pictures or send the recording via email. Create bizarre sound effects with your creations! These are new retail packages complete with cable, users guide and software. AAA batteries required not included. For Windows and or better with mhz or ster computer.

Windows and Windows , Windows ME, Windows NT, Microsoft Office and , Microsoft Works, Windows ., MS Dos ., WordPerfect and other Microsoft and Corel OEM software. A good selection of old Microsoft software. Authentic. Excellent prices!

New retail box. Tremendous learning fun. Introduction to Countries and Cultures. Specially designed for younger children. Search for Carmen Sandiego and her wily gang. For kids ages . Contains Windows .,, and Mac versions.

Scholastics The Magic School Bus Explores the Rainforest. Recommended for ages . Very popular educational game for children! Requires Windows or higher with mb ram. Needs SX/ or higher processor. Pentium recommended. New retail box from Microsoft.

Impressive collection of over health and diet shareware programs for Dos. Nutrition, vitamins, diet, remedies, weight control, alternative medicine, etc.

. If you need either the full CD or . version which do not require a previous version of Windows please

Comprehensive library of easytouse, customizable forms for mily and medical legal matters. Important laws and statutes included for reference. Informative interactive videos on a variety of mily and medical matters. Extensive glossary of technical legal terms. New in retail box.

Professor Windows Multimedia Interactive CD tutorial for Windows . and .

Includes useful and inspirational Christian and Bible programs for Windows . or higher The New Testament, Spirit Lifter, People Savers Christian screen saver, and Inspired. CD in new retail box.

The Family Doctor Edition Creative Multimedia

Used incredible L.D.S. Gospel Infobase Library CD is the second or B version for Windows and Windows . Contains the entire L.D.S. Mormon scriptures including the entire Book of Mormon and the entire King James Bible! Totalling gospel works, total works plus many more! Includes license but no other documentation. Used but guaranteed.

See Ordering Details for limited exceptions

Incredible CD collection. Very current version in new retail box. Includes Random House Websters Unabridged Dictionary, MerriamWebsters American Concise Encyclopedia, MerriamWebsters Encyclopedia of Literature with over , entries! and MerriamWebsters Childrens Dictionary.

Instant Immersion English English as a Second Language Topics

Early learners will have big fun with this CD.

New package. Slightly older version of the popular antivirus software. For Windows XP.

Male pin D to Female pin D serial cable

The number best selling tax software on the market is TurboTax by Intuit. Old tax software versions still available.Click Here for prices and more information.

The vocabulary and pronunciation tutor for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese. New CD disk in jewel case. Requires Windows . or higher, mb ram soundblaster compatible sound card.

Incredible L.D.S. Collectors Library for on CD for Windows . and Windows . Has original box and documentation. Outter box has been opened but inner jewel case containing the CD software has never been opened and is in its original shrinkwrapping. Has over , LDS works.

health care centerUSF Health

To envision and implement the future of health.

, University of South Florida. All rights reserved.

Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute

Studies led by USF Healths Dr. Stephen Liggett shed light on genetic variability of adrenergic receptors and how they might best be used to treat disease.

Bruce B. Downs Blvd, Tampa, Florida, USA

HeHealth Centeralth Counseling Center

HeHealth Centeralth Counseling CenterSee the onInternational Student Support Programfor details.

As your home for health and wellbeing, the H values and is committed to the principle of inclusivity and the promotion/celebration of ersity with respect to all its forms. We are a multicultural, multidisciplinary, and multitheoretical staff striving to provide culturally competent clinical services, medical treatment, outreach programming, advocacy and training opportunities. We recognize that the current social / political environment may leave certain groups, in particular, our GLBTQI, Muslim identified students, DACA and undocumented, and international students feeling unsafe and unvalued. The H is devoted to caring for the emotional wellness, physical wellness, and mental health needs of our students and community, we believe that we have a special obligation to reject oppression in all forms. We seek to provide a protected space for impacted students who may need support during these difficult times. We are committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for all DU students.

As of //, the Ritchie Centerelevatorisout of order. Please use the stairs to reach the H on the third floor or call the H at , option and we can direct you to a different elevator.We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working with the Ritchie Center Facilities Department on the issue. Thank you for your patience.

Brought to you by Morneau Shepell and the University of Denver, the International Student Support Program ISSP is free to use and offers online resources and International Student Support Advisors that can help you succeed while studying in the United States. You can connect with an International Student Advisor who speaks your language, understands your culture and can help you address the unique challenges you ce when studying in another country.

During this busy flu season the H would like to remind all DU students we are open Monday through Friday am to pm open am on Tuesdays and until pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays to meet your healthcare needs. After hours you can always speak with a live medical provider regarding any issue by calling . We know that many students may be impacted by the flu and not feel up to attending classes and that many professors have attendance requirements. The H does not provide verification of past/prior illness excuses. The H does provide invoices for visits to the H when students are sick. If your healthcare provider recommends you not attend class due to medical reasons eg. severe contagious illness, serious injury, hospitalization, surgery, concussion you may be provided documentation to share with your professors. Practicing good selfcare with frequent use of handsanitizer, getting plenty of rest, getting a free flu shot from the H and staying hydrated will help you stay healthy this winter. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the H at .

The mission of the H is to provide exceptional, inclusive, integrated health care. We promote student success and wellness through education, advocacy and outreach to the University of Denver community.

A list of upcoming H events can be foundhere. Be on the lookout for more via social media and our website.

During this busy flu season the H would like to remind all DU culty and staff we are open Monday through Friday am to pm open am on Tuesdays and until pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays to meet the healthcare needs of our students. After hours students can always speak with a live medical provider regarding any issue by calling . Part of the role of the H is to teach appropriate healthcare consumerism and the practice of providing medical excuses seems to send mixed messages to students about the appropriate use of healthcare resources. We know many professors have attendance requirements but the H does not provide verification of past/prior illness excuses. The H does provide invoices for visits to the H when students are sick. Students are informed if their healthcare provider recommends they not attend class due to serious medical reasons eg. severe contagious illness, serious injury, hospitalization, surgery, concussion and they may be provided documentation to share with their professors. All documentation requires a fully executed release of information signed by the student. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the H at .

Please check back here for how the H is supporting the DU community in light of current events.

We know that being a student and moving to a new country can be tough we can help!

he Bazelon Center fmental health centeror Mental Health Law

While nearly of the general population have mental illness of some kind, that percentage is disproportionately higher in the prison population. Like people of , people with disabilities are much more likely to be incarcerated. They are often nonviolent offenders, which is why we at the Bazelon Center believe in criminal justice reform to change the way we punish nonviolent and firsttime offenders. Even people who break the law deserve to be treated irly by it.

On February , Brookings will screen The S Word, a documentary that seeks to amplify the voices of those living after suicide attempts and loss and raise awareness about suicide prevention and resources.

SAVE THE DATE A SAMHSAsponsored webinar developed under contract by the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law will take place Monday, February at PM Eastern Time called Criminal justice, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and People with Mental Illnesses. Presenters will be Mark Murphy, managing attorney of the Bazelon Center, and Elizabeth Jones, an expert consultant and court monitor in several Olmstead cases. Read more information and register /criminaljustice_reg/event/event_info.html. Questions? Contact Kelle Masten at kelle….See MoreSee Less

On Monday, February , the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. is hosting a screening and panel discussion of The S Word, a documentary on suicide in America. Directed by Lisa Klein, the film seeks to amplify the voices of those with lived experience, and raise awareness about suicide prevention and resources. Leah Harris, an advocate and former Bazelon staff member, will provide opening remarks. Read details and RSVP here…See MoreSee Less

Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities D and the Collaboration to Promote Self Determination CPSD wrote to the Justice Department to express concern about the Departments recent withdrawal of a number of guidance and technical assistance documents concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act  ADA.read more »

We filed a class action lawsuit in federal court alleging that the State of Georgia has discriminated against thousands of public school students with disabilities by providing them with a separate and unequal education.

Having a job, perhaps more than any other ctor, enables people with mental illness to lead full lives in their communities. We will continue to strive for workplace and employment equality, so that iniduals with disabilities will not be discriminated against while seeking employment and/or once hired.

Iniduals with mental illness and intellectual disabilities deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, which is why the Bazelon Center works to ensure that iniduals at all income levels have access to communitymental health services that will enable them to live and work independently in the community.

If youve never used Adobe Connect, get a quick overview the Adobe logo, Acrobat and Adobe Connect are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

Criminal Justice, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and People with Mental Illnesses

We believe that all people deserve equal care and protection under the law. Our work in education is mostly based around protecting the rights of students in public schools under the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act and IDEA Iniduals with Disabilities Education Act. Under these laws, all students regardless of mental illness or ability should be able to receive accommodation and education while being integrated into the classroom.

Learn about the recent Supreme Court ruling that raises the minimum education standards for children with disabilities and why the Center applauds the decision.

The S Word A documentary on suicide in America

The Affordable Care Act ACA was the largest expansion of mental health services in decades, expanding not only access to health care coverage for millions of people with mental illnesses, but also specifically expanding access to needed mental health services across the health care system.  An estimated million Americans gained access to mental health and substance use disorders when the ACA was enacted.  Today, the threat of repeal, especially the elimination of Medicaid Expansion and the ban on preexisting condition discrimination threatens the health and wellbeing of millions of Americans.  We are fighting to protect access to critical health services and invite you to join the fight.he Bazelon Center fmental health centeror Mental Health Law

ibm healthcareIBM Research Hai

Given the importance of Apache Spark, we needed a st connector that would allow Apache Spark to efficiently process data in an object store. And now scientists at IBM Research Hai have built just that. Called Stocator, the connector allows Spark to efficiently talk to an object store.

Our new Givatayim site, located in Hashachar Tower, houses researchers working on hardware development, systems and storage, machine learning, and cognitive technologies.

The Center is based in the campus of BenGurion University of the Negev, within close proximity to Beer Shevas vibrant cyber technology park. It is the home for a relatively small but influential team of IBM security researchers and engineers who investigate emerging cyber threat and solutions, in collaboration with university researchers, government agencies, clients and partners.

The IBM Virtual Voice Creator takes TextToSpeech TTS synthesis technology to the next level, letting enterprise customers and users create unique voice personas ondemand in a st and easy way. The IBM Virtual Voice Creator lets you automatically create a voiceover for a multicharacter game, animation or educational video, without the hassle of hiring voice actors and audio recording studios.

Using the Internet of Things to boost employee safety at NorthStar Bluescope Steel

Enhance peoples vision with cognitivelydriven object recognition and interacted information using augmented reality.

AddressHai University Campus, Mount Carmel Hai, , Israel

Hai University Campus, Mount CarmelHai, , Israel.

Protect clients from fraud with the help of their mobile phones

IBM DEFFEND takes fraud detection to the next level, with personalized protection that is built into your clients personal smartphone devices.

IBM Research Hai, with locations in Hai and Tel Aviv, is the largest IBM Research lab outside the US. Our scientists are working on solutions to complex problems around the world. Our exciting projects focus on healthcare, augmented reality, debating technologies, cloud computing and object storage, computer vision, video analytics, affective computing, quality, security, and more. This is the place where your research ideas can come to life and make a difference in countries around the world.

IBM RD in Israel, Hashachar Tower, Ariel Sharon St., Givatayim, Israel

Creating a sieve that filters essential clinical and diagnostic imaging information to form anomalydriven summaries and recommendations.

These full day seminars cover hot topics in academia and industry. Attendance is free.

The main site of IBM Research Hai is located on the campus of the University of Hai atop the Carmel mountain range.

Oded Cohn is an IBM Vice President serving as the Director of the IBM Research Lab in Hai, Israel.

Our mission is to extend and enhance peoples vision with cognitivelydriven object recognition and interacted information using augmented reality to support decision.

Our technology analyzes the compliance levels according to business severity of a mistreated issue, and enables operators to prioritize labor for rapidly fixing such issues. In addition, managers can keep track of historical changes, and report ongoing improvement and adherence to the compliance level agreement. The technology can visually recognize tens and hundreds of items on shelves or other s in a retail store, avoiding the need for RFID or barcodes. The Object Recognition and the Augmented Reality overlay can assist in store operational efficiency and drive an increase in sales. Retailers and manucturers get immediate feedback on their product assortment and availability, they can deduce compliance agreement levels, and trigger justintime purchase orders to boost sales.

What if you could generate a whole bunch of new voices from , just by changing different vocal aspects such as pitch and rhythm?

Ben Gurion University CampusBeer Sheva, Israel

Join some of the best scientists from around the world, at IBM Research Hai. Some of our key research areas include machine learning and analytics, healthcare informatics, augmented reality and computer vision, cloud storage and virtualization, security, and mobile platforms.

North Star BlueScope Steel is applying IBM Watson Internet of Things technology and wearable devices to pioneer novel approaches to help protect workers in extreme environments. North Star is piloting the IBM Employee Wellness and Safety Solution to identify potentially problematic conditions by collecting data from various sensors that continuously monitor the workers skin body temperature, heart rate, galvanic skin response and level of activity, correlated with sensor data for ambient temperature and humidity. The solution then alerts North Star management so they can provide personalized safety guidelines to each inidual employee.

Enhanced employee safety at NorthStar Bluescope Steel using the Internet of Things

It is not possible to manually process even terabytes of information, let alone peytes or exabytes. The only way one can make sense out of these quantities of data is through analytics, machine learning, and cognitive computing. Apache Spark is rapidly growing as the bulk data analytics platform of choice and is particularly amenable for use with machine learning and cognitive algorithms.

Extend a show room and customer engagement by providing augmented information on existing objects. For example, provide a client with information on a vorite next car model located on the street; experience augmented reality of various configurations and options. Client use of the application may provide a dealership with leads for future sales!

Protect clients from fraud with the help of their mobile phones

The project aims at producing a sieve that filters essential clinical and diagnostic imaging information to form anomalydriven summaries and recommendations

Medical Sieve is an ambitious longterm exploratory grand challenge project to build a next generation cognitive assistant with advanced multimodal analytics, clinical knowledge and reasoning capabilities that is qualified to assist in clinical decision in radiology and cardiology. It will exhibit a deep understanding of diseases and their interpretation in multiple modalities Xray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET, Clinical covering various radiology and cardiology specialties. The project aims at producing a sieve that filters essential clinical and diagnostic imaging information to form anomalydriven summaries and recommendations that tremendously reduce the viewing load of clinicians without negatively impacting diagnosis.

AddressIBM RD in Israel, Hashachar Tower, Ariel Sharon St., Givatayim, Israel

Our Augmented Reality AR technology helps field technicians, their workflow safer, more accurate, and more efficient with the assistance of a remote cognitive system or remote human expert. The Hybrid Remote Expert technology enables rapid training of new environments, procedural troubleshooting, as well as selfservice justintime operations. The AR is combined with intuitive, natural voice and gesture interactions via smart handheld or handsfree devices, such as smart glasses. Using AR, the technician consumes relevant documents, IoT telemetry, or other AR adjusted stepbystep procedures, according to the operation conducted. Compliance and audit actions are ensured by requiring the technician to have a direct lineofsight with the machine under maintenance. Without changing the industrial setting for ease of tracking, the technology can be implemented immediately in the field with minimal ramp up time.

Our seminars, open to the public, are given by top lecturers from academia and the research community.

IBM Research Hai is the largest lab of IBM Research Division outside of the United States. Founded as a small scientific center in , it grew into a major lab that leads the development of innovative technological products and cognitive solutions for the IBM corporation. The Lab works with IBM development and services arms, partners with clients to answer their needs, and collaborates with universities to promote industrial research. Continuously reinventing and refocusing itself to stay at the forefront of the technology, most projects today ll under cognitive computing, cloud data services, healthcare informatics, and and video analytics, alongside mobile, security and quality. The lab also focuses on the healthcare domain.

AddressBen Gurion University Campus Beer Sheva, Israel

Now you can, with the IBM Virtual Voice Creator.Learn more

Our scientists are working on solutions to complex problems around the world. Our exciting projects focus on healthcare, augmented reality, debating technologies, cloud computing and object storage, computer vision, video analytics, affective computing, quality, security, and more.

Using TextToSpeech TTS synthesis to let users automatically create voices for a multicharacter game, animation or educational video, without the hassle of hiring actors and audio recording studios.ibm healthcareIBM Research Hai

Health CenterPark Nicollet

offers ster care for minor ailments. Our triage team can help determine which is appropriate for you.

take a shortcut to better with Park Nicollet urgent care.

is for illnesses and injuries that are not life threatening. Wait time is based on condition or severity of patients. Our triage team determines appropriate level of care appropriate for you.

Our care teams honor and support your choices.

The Emergency Center is open hours a day, days a year, and provides care for all s of illnesses and injuries, whether minor or lifethreatening.

Its not too late for a flu shot. Visit any of our clinic locations today.

ibm healthcareWatson Health Imaging

IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review is the first cognitive solution from Watson Healths medical imaging business. To understand customer perceptions of Watson Imaging Clinical Review, we asked a select few members of the Watson Health Medical Imaging Collaborative to put it under the microscope. Heres what they had to say.

// PMThe Role of Imaging in Patient Satisction Where Are We Today?

Find user guides, release notes, quick start guides and more in Merge Communities.

Find us on the road at upcoming industry events.

// AMMore Posts>

Watch and learn about how IBM Watson Health is pursuing cognitive innovations to improve cancer care.

We are a leading provider of innovative cognitive computing, enterprise imaging, and interoperability solutions that seek to advance healthcare.

We work exclusively with select partners to deliver innovative solutions that help improve the electronic healthcare experience.

Supported information to help you keep your products running at their peak.

IBM Watson Health is a leading provider of clinical systems and innovations that seek to advance healthcare.

Submit support tickets, find valuable support guides, and connect with other customers.

Meaningful Use is part of the EHR incentive program, which is designed to stimulate the use of technology in healthcare.

Our goal is to help you achieve immediate value from your investment and drive operational success.

Hear whats keeping them up at night and learn what theyre doing to solve those challenges.

There couldnt be a better time to join IBM Watson Health. We want YOU to be a part of our dynamic team.

Visit Merge U, register for Tuesdays with Merge, or find onsite courses to attend.

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Available hours a day, days a week, we are committed to helping you meet your needs.

Merge can provide clear paths to adoption via our industryleading, certified products, consulting services and training.

Read MoreUnder Pressure Cost Constraints and CardiologyHealthcare organizations are cing reductions in payments to all of their service lines, including cardiology. Meanwhile, demand for cardiologists services are on the rise.

Learn MoreEnabling Collaboration to Improve Patient CareLearn how an enterprise imaging system can make significant improvements to three critical areas of concern.

The federally mandated change from ICD coding to ICD will expand the number of medical billing codes from , to ,.

An infrastructure tool designed to ensure maximum system performance and sility.

// PMMinding the Gap Enabling Collaboration to Improve Patient Care

ArHealth Centerab Health

Book with us if you are travelling solo for Arab Health and we assure you that we will take care of all your worries from lodging, commuting and exploring the unknown city.

Dubai International Convention Exhibition Centre

This year around industry and academia leaders and professionals across the world are coming together in Dubai, UAE for Arab Health . Informa Life Sciences is the organizer of Arab Health , Arab Health Exhibition .

Arab Health will feature the latest advancements in clinical management, the best researches carried out on respiratory diseases, symposia and workshops for the attendees. Sessions on clinical cases chaired by specialists will be there to understand various subject areas of respiratory medicine. The programme aims at providing a complete set of knowledge about recently published topics.

Make group hotel bookings with us and get to stay with your entire group at the most luxurious hotels with best amenities, affordable tariffs and close proximity to the venues.

Book your flight to Conference here and benefit from discounts of up to on Star Alliance airlines. These reduced rates are only applicable to flights booked through our website.

Our company is providing the best accommodation, rooms and transportation services which are extraordinarily bright, with some overlooking the street, others inwards all with some of the best offers. From providing errorfree registration assistance to leisureroomswith all the cilities, we are determined to make the entire experience wonderful memorable and troublefree for the participants.

Arab Health Exhibition is organized annually.

Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khali, an mtall tower, dominates the skyscraperfilled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. On artificial islands just offshore is Atlantis, The Palm, a resort with water and marineanimal parks.

Arab Health is prepared to start on Jan and end on Feb . The scene of the Trade Show will be Dubai International Convention Exhibition Centre which is one of the marvellous location for such a critical event.

Arab Health is going to be a platform where a lot of essential items are going to be showcased. Some of these are about Health, Healthcare Industry, Dental Industry, Medical Technology and Hospitals.

We will assist you in your registration process. All you have to do is fill in the required details and send the form to us.

Health Centerome

GMHC Named a Winner of New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Awards

Delta Air Lines becomes AIDS Walk New Yorks Presenting Sponsor

GMHC Advocates for New York City to Raise Homeless Youth Housing Age From to

GMHC Statement on the Public Health Emergency Declaration About the Opioid Crisis

GMHC World AIDS Day Statement Facts Matter

GMHC Statement in Response to the Supreme Court

Services for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Persons

GMHC Announces Strategic Partnership with ACRIA, Bolstering Impact to End HIV/AIDS Epidemic

GMHC and The Monster Cycle Host Annual Indoor Cycling Benefit Be Monstrous. End AIDS.

GMHC Statement on New HIV Infections in New York City

GMHC Awarded Grant to Implement Vital HIV Testing and Prevention Programs in New York City

GMHC to Honor President Bill Clinton, Peter Jes Staley at th Anniversary Spring Gala

GMHC Statement on New DOJ Order About Trans Rights in the Workplace

Public Comment Period Closes For FDAs Controversial Blood Donation Policy

Over , Expected to Attend Unleash Your Muse GMHCs th Annual Latex Ball

GMHC Statement on National Youth Day of HIV/AIDS Awareness

GMHC Named Finalist for the New York Community Trust Nonprofit Excellence Awards

GMHC to Honor Actor and Activist Kathy Najimy

GMHC Commemorates Transgender Day of Remembrance

Eric Sawyer Joins GMHC as VP of Public Afirs Policy

GMHC Statement on National Gay Mens HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

GMHC Statement on Proposed Trans Military Ban

GMHC Statement on Governor Cuomos State of the State

GMHC Statement on Election of Corey Johnson as Speaker of the New York City Council

GMHC Opens StateoftheArt Substance Use Clinic in Midtown NYC

GMHC Statement on International Overdose Awareness Day

GMHC Statement in Response to Trump Administrations Repeal of Transgender Bathroom Protections

ART AIDS Years of Survival, Curated by GMHC, to Open at NYC

Thousands to March in Worlds Largest AIDS Fundraising Event Against Healthcare Bill that Could End Affordable Care for HIV

GMHC Statement on National Day of Action to End Violence Against Women Living with HIV Day

GMHC To Light Up New York Red As Aids Walk New York Approaches

GMHC Statements on American Health Care Act Religious Liberty Executive Order

mental health centerInspiring Independence Hope

Our mission at Northside Behavioral Health Center is to provide iniduals and milies the highest quality of comprehensive, innovative and affordable behavioral health care services thus enabling a path for those in need to a productive recovery and an enriched quality of life.

Main Center Hours MonThurs ampm,Fri ampm, ClosedSatSun. Our Crisis Silization Unit operates /.

? parseIntjQuerywds_current__key_.val wds_iterator_ wds_data_.length wds_data_.length , wds_data_, lse, left; return lse;

Open Access Intake is available MonThur ampm. Open Access Intake is available MonThur ampm. Open Access Intake is available MonThur ampm. Open Access Intake is available MonThur ampm. Open Access Intake is available MonThur ampm. Open Access Intake is available MonThur ampm. Open Access Intake is available MonThur ampm. Open Access Intake is available MonThur ampm. Open Access Intake is available MonThur ampm.

Guided by the belief that iniduals and milies can and do benefit from treatment of behavioral health conditions, we will continue to provide the highest quality care to those in need. We will be a voice for behavioral health issues including increased resources, financial and intellectual, championing the needs of those who struggle, and the expansion of public awareness and activism.

Northside Mental Health Center is Conveniently Located atmental health centerInspiring Independence Hope